The name Countin' Faces has more to do about life and the journey one will embark on than it has to do with money. Being a kid growing up with the early stages of just about everything we glorify now, I've seen the world around me go through a lot of changes. Both good and bad. Along with these changes around me, I too went through changes; from how I dress all the way to how I carry myself as a African American man. With Countin' Faces, I want to touch on our people's history and spread messages of positivity, while making fly clothes for people to wear. our "Spiral Star" logo is a ancient symbol representing "the transformation of life" which I feel we all are going through on a daily basis, or at least should be. Whatever you do out here, make sure you take into account the people you come across, regardless of their background, religion, or other miscellaneous beliefs. We're here to learn from each other at the end of the day. The Syndicate plans to change the world and spread the love of the Most High, one face at a time. Made in North Carolina.